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bunny the lifeguard
10 July
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Date Created:feb 18 03
Number of Posts: a few

who gives a fuck?
Strengths: able to piss people off without even trying.
Weaknesses: i don't defend myself much.
Special Skills: the ability to...MAKE YOUR HEAD EXPLODE.
Weapons: your mom. :)
Favorite Stuff: music: alice in chains, nirvana, linkin park, some stone temple pilots, deftones, korn, stephen lynch, static-x, cyclefly, scars of life, other stuff.

tv: trigger happy tv, south park, chappelle's show, comedy central presents, saturday night live, kids in the hall

movies: queen of the damned, kids in the hall: brain candy, monty python and the search for the holy grail, salem witch trials

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(hed) planet earth, 1992, 96 quite bitter beings, alice in chains, anne rice, anti avril lavigne, anti bush, anti courtney love, anti creed, anti mtv, anti pop, anti pop-punk, anti school, anti slipknot, april margera, armwarmers, audioslave, bam margera, black, bleach, boddah, bram stoker, brandon dicamillo, bruce bruce, bunny the lifeguard, burglars, camp kill yourself, carlos mencia, celebrity deathmatch, chappelle's show, chris pontius, cky, comedy central, comedy central presents, computers, conan o'brien, cyclefly, dane cook, dave chappelle, dave england, dave grohl, deftones, disturbed, dom joly, dr. pepper, drawing, eddie vedder, ehren mcghehey, eyeliner, fairly oddparents, fanfiction, fat fucks, foo fighters, grunge, guitars, hair dye, happy noodle boy, haunted houses, henry rollins, hybrid theory, hypnosis, in utero, incesticide, jackass, jackass the movie, jeremy, jerry cantrell, jess margera, jet set radio future, johnny knoxville, johnny the homicidal maniac, kids in the hall, korn, krist novoselic, kurt cobain, layne staley, legwarmers, lewis black, linkin park, lip piercings, liprings, lollipop lust kill, matchbox 20, matchbox twenty, meteora, meter fairy, mike inez, mitch hedburg, monty python, mr. fuck, music, nevermind, nirvana, pablo francisco, party boy, pearl jam, phil margera, preston lacy, queen of the damned, raab himself, rake yohn, reading, reanimation, ripped jeans, ryan dunn, safety pins, salem witch trials, sarcasm, saturday night live, scars of life, scary movies, scary stories, schizophrenia, sean kinney, shopping carts, skateboarding, skull and crossbones, sleep-o, south park, spikes, split personality disorder, stand-up comedy, static-x, stephen lynch, steve-o, stone temple pilots, system of a down, tom green show, trigger happy tv, tv, unsolved mysteries, vampires, web design, wee king, wee man, xero, you